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Lamten Education consultancy have been working with the best Institutions to send the students in the best colleges and Universities, it is been notified by the old clients that we are the best consultancy that provides the best services to everyone.

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Admission Procedures

Procedures for admission;

– Student’s details and interest shall be collected.

– List of prospective institutes will be made available to the student

– Any clarifications will be made including the requirements for the course.

– A reasonable time shall be given to student to decide on the course.

– Upon finalization, the enrolment and visa shall be processed

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Welcome to Lamten Education Consultancy. We are pleased to provide the services and make our clients happy and satisfied. 

The following services shall be provided:

  • -To provide timely information on various studies programmes to students wanting to go for
  •      further studies overseas.
  • -To facilitate admission of the students for further studies
  • -To process visa for students
  • -To advise on the culture and laws of the host country
  • -To arrange pick up upon arrival
  • -To arrange temporary accommodation for students in host country
  • -To be a contact point for students in times of emergency
  • -To maintain data of students placed by the ECPF
  • –   To keep the DAHE updated on the status of the students